Now living in Cardiff, Wales but originally from Cwm Gwendraeth, husband and wife team Ynyr Ifan and Bethan Morgan formed Rogue Jones in 2013. Fronting the band, which also includes Bethan’s sister Mari Morgan, Elen Ifan (both from folk group Saron), Ben Isaacs and Jim Deacon (Kutosis/Wylderness) and Steffan Ebsworth, the pair have been wowing audiences on the live circuit with their electrifying performances. Combining a wide and colourful range of instruments from accordion to omnichord, they are masters of charming melodies and lyrics awash with imagery.

After releasing in 2014 their first two singles, Little Pig of Tree and Halen, the band returned to Tŷ Drwg Studios in Cardiff in early 2015 to finish work on their debut album. VU was released throughout their home country of Wales in October 2015 on Welsh label Blinc Records, to critical acclaim.

After a busy 2016 of touring and festivals, November 2016 saw one of the album’s songs, Human Heart, released as a special bilingual double-single. The single also features Gogoneddus yw y Galon, a new recording of Human Heart with a Welsh version of the lyrics. To accompany the double-single, the album gains its full UK release in December 2016.

Blinc Records wish to thank the Wales Arts Council for supporting Rogue Jones through the their Music Industry Development grant, which funded the marketing and promotion of the single and the album.

“A charmingly quirky band… who deserve a cult following at the very least”
– Robin Denselow, The Guardian

 “Discovering the decidedly nutty Rogue Jones affected me in a somewhat different way. I was simultaneously confused, excited, happy, antsy, and slightly terrified… but altogether tickled by their whimsical charm.”
– Charlie Piercey, Buzz Magazine

“Rogue Jones have finished their debut album and it’s amazing. Gonna be a good year for music.”
– Rob Ackroyd, Florence and the Machine.


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