Rogue Jones ‘U V’ – new remix album out April 30 – PRE-ORDER NOW!

Rogue Jones’ friends weave the band’s songs with various different genres – new experimental album

To celebrate 5 years since the release of their debut album, ‘V U’, Rogue Jones releases U V – a collection of remixes of the album’s songs – on April 30th.

To form this collection, the band asked 10 of their friends from Welsh music scene to put their own stamp on the album’s tracks – artists including Rob Ackroyd (Florence and the Machine), 9 Bach, Ani Glass and Pat Morgan (Datblygu).

Last October, exactly 5 years after VU’s release, BBC Radio Cymru started playing one remix every week, and now here’s a chance to hear the whole album in its entirety – U V will be released on April 30 via BLINC Records. Anelog’s remix of the song Pysgota is available to stream now.

On the album curation process, Ynyr Morgan Ifan of the band said …

“Although the project has been in the pipeline for some time, this past year has given us the focus to get it finished and to reach out to other musicians at such an isolated time. But this was not a collaborative process – we decided at an early stage that we wanted to give the remixers complete creative freedom.

“Each element of the original tracks would be sent to the remixers, right down to the smallest pieces – a 3-second clip of a cymbal, a pick-up of a vocoder backing vocal, or a piece of poetry that never made it to the finished track perhaps this forced the remixers to move further from the original than is usually the case.”

The band, described by Robin Denselow of the Guardian as “charmingly quirky” in a review of V U, have also been working on new material:

“The remix album has been in operation for about 3 years and has coincided with recording sessions for the band’s second album, which have tended towards the experimental and electronic. ”

Bethan Mai from the band added:

“Placing one of your songs, many of which has needed sweat and soul to create, in the hands of another artist and letting him or her rip it up, turn it inside out and transform it into something completely different is something beautifully horrific but it’s cathartic for an artist to do.

“This is a celebration of the fact that a piece of art, once it’s left the hands of its creator, takes on a life of its own and is interpreted as unique to each listener. It’s a celebration of how each artist’s mind can lead us to new ground, and what better artists to lead us than these.

“We love all remixes and thank you to everyone who took part and breathed new life into the songs Rob Ackroyd, Anelog, 9 Bach, Pat Morgan, Ëadyth, Ani Glass, BITW, Carw, Frank Naughton and H O R S E S.”

The album will be available from leading download and streaming services. Pre-order the album now from the BLINC online shop



Artist:  Rogue Jones


  1. Halen (BITW Remix)
  2. Pysgota (Anelog Remix)
  3. Hungry (Frank Naughton Remix)
  4. Afalau (Ani Glass Remix)
  5. Priscilla (H O R S E S Remix)
  6. Baby (Pat Morgan Remix)
  7. King Is Dead (Rob Ackroyd Remix)
  8. Little Pig of Tree (9 Bach Remix)
  9. Kelly (Ëadyth Remix)
  10. Human Heart (Carw Remix)

Format:  Digital only

Release Date:  Friday, April 30

Cat:  BLINC 23