MASKE! The new Carw album out now! With new fideo i ‘AM’

Following the release of recent singles Gorwel and Amrant, as featured on BBC 6 Music, Carw (real name Owain Griffiths) releases his second album Maske today (21 August) via BLINC Records.

The album is available to download and stream from iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc, and from the Blinc Records online shop

A brand new video is also released today for the track AM from the album, available at

Owing to Owain’s recent change on environment, Maske – mastered by Llion Roberston (Cotton Wolf) – marks a slight departure from his previous work on this 7-track instrumental album, with firmer beats and darker synth sounds, bringing moods of Depeche Mode and touches of the early 90s works of Orbital and Aphex Twin.

Photo: Dana Ersing

Maske is born out of the emotions of leaving a familiar setting where Owain had forged many connections, and carving a new life for himself in a country where he knew no-one. With the album title – the German word for mask – Owain reacts to the feeling of being invisible, unknown.

He recalls the first year of life in Germany, mistaking faces on the streets of Leipzig for familiar faces back home, and unreciprocated acknowledgements giving rise to the innate sense that he was hidden behind a disguise, or a mask. Each track off the album is a facet of that curious, if often agreeable, emotion.

Carw – Welsh for ‘deer’ – emerges from a world of music, art and literature with a determinedly focused and self-initiated project. His creative vision has been to cherry pick nature’s influence, having grown up in rural isolation, whilst suffusing deep breaths of clean air with the dust kicked-up in the vibrant cycle of city life.

As well as repeated radio plays on BBC 6 Music, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru, Carw has attracted much attention for his live performances, joined onstage by an assemblage of machines and instruments.

Carw’s previous collaborations and live appearances have been as part of Cotton Wolf, Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks, Winter Villains and the electronic synth trio, Hlemma.